Shabby Chic

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I did it....

After so many months of deliberating within my creative mind, I finally did it.  I took the plunge and created my blog.   The basic legwork has been done but rest assured this is going to be a work in progress.  In keeping with the theme, I call it "My Priceless Creations."  I create to share.  However, I don't claim to be an artist nor my creations are work of art but rather the reactions and gratitude in the recipient's eye is what I consider priceless......


  1. omg i love it. you finally started your blog...

  2. Goodmorning,

    Did a google search this morning on my priceless creations and found your blog. I have that as my domain business name now since 2009 with Yahoo. I have it set up to go to Etsy where I sell my handcrafted jewelry. Its a worldwide business site that thousands of folks sell their Handcrafted products. Haven't sold bunches but slowly its building up I love doing it and at 66yrs. of age still enjoying keeping my hands and mind busy.

    I also have a blog which I need to work on and update that, also on FB which needs a redo LOL. What I wanted to ask you is have you had anyone contact you concerning jewelry? Just curious about that.
    Well just thought I would contact you and let you know that I do use as my business name/address. I also would love to hear from you about what you enjoy creating I enjoy talking/writing with other Crafts folks.